Nicholas Meyers is a Canadian documentary director, producer, cinematographer and editor. Coming from an extremely creative family, he grew up with a love of movies and passion for storytelling. In 2017 he teamed up with Tyler Chandler and launched into a style of guerilla documentary filmmaking that tells stories that couldn’t be possible within the confines of the corporate entertainment complex. His two films, Dosed (2019) and DOSED: The Trip of a Lifetime are both multi-award winning films on the festival circuit, and both offer solutions to major health crises that most deem unsolvable.

Tyler Chandler is a Canadian documentary producer and director. His directorial debut is the award winning feature documentary, DOSED, about the therapeutic use of psychedelics like magic mushrooms and iboga to help people overcome mental health issues including depression, anxiety, and addiction. Prior to DOSED Tyler produced two other feature documentaries, winning three awards.