A lot of people are asking us how to buy psychedelics. While we do not sell them ourselves, here are some resources who provide products and services involving psychedelics in a medicinal context. Please check to see the legality of these substances and services in your area. We thank these businesses for their ongoing efforts to help people. And since some of the organizations here do make contributions to the ongoing marketing and promotion of DOSED in exchange for referrals made through this site, we thank them for that as well.

The Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary offers resources and access to microdoses of psilocybe mushrooms for medicinal purposes. Canadian customers only. Use this contact form or mention “DOSED” to have your membership fee waived.

IbogaSoul specializes in providing the psychedelic Iboga, along with the African spiritual tradition, Bwiti, to seekers in the west searching to heal depression, PTSD, anxiety and addictions.

Inner Realms Center is an entheogen provider that specializes in opiate addiction detox.

This is a silent auction to win a gift basket of CBD products worth over $1000.Click the logo for a picture of the gift basket. Email bids to Current bid is $200 and bids must increase by a minimum of $50. Thanks to Plant Medicine.

Synthesis offers psychedelic retreats in Amsterdam for people who want to travel to have a legal psychedelic experience. Enter “DOSED” in the “How did you hear about us” field of the intake form to receive a special gift.

ProviThor provides truffles from the Netherlands for the purpose of microdosing. Enter the coupon/voucher “dosed” at the shopping cart stage to get a discount. Ships worldwide.