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We’re in the process of fundraising for production & completion costs to finish DOSED 2.  Please support by Pre-ordering the film on Shopify or making a donation using the links above. You can even get your name in the credits, order great mushroom merch, or join the production team and be featured on the poster and official IMDb film page.


Diagnosed with cancer and given the likelihood of mere months to live, Laurie is riddled with worry about leaving her family behind. After learning how a large dose of psilocybin has been clinically proven to help with anxiety she’s introduced to the founder of TheraPsil, Dr. Bruce Tobin, who’s leading a team of psychologists, doctors, and researchers petitioning the government for access to psilocybin mushrooms to treat people like Laurie.

Laurie eventually becomes one of the first four people in North America to be given legal access to trip on magic mushrooms since they were outlawed in 1970. DOSED 2: Psilocybin and the Art Of Living explores the potential for psychedelics to alleviate debilitating anxiety and repair families. But can this mystical experience do even more…

DOSED 2 will feature pioneers in the field of psychedelics including TheraPsil founder Dr. Bruce Tobin, as well as familiar psychedelic luminaries such as Dr. Gabor Maté, Dennis McKenna, Paul Stamets and more. 

Every necklace order will include one free digital copy of the first DOSED on Vimeo (DOSED 2 is still in development and not yet available to watch). These necklaces are made in Vancouver and cast from real magic mushrooms! Choose from a sterling silver pendant with rhodium-plated chain, or a bronze pendant with gold-plated chain. Your purchase will help fund and complete DOSED 2. Thank you so much for your support. 

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